TNS helps Variety Magazine start their very own Podcast Network.

The Network Studios and Variety Magazine are working together to build Variety’s very own Podcast network. Recently, Variety announced their first two shows, PLAYBACK WITH KRISTOPHER TAPLEY and REMOTE CONTROLLED WITH DEBRA BIRNBAUM. Playback with Kristopher Tapley is a 45 to 60 minute Podcast focused on the film industry and hosted by Variety contributor, Kristopher Tapley. This show features some of today’s hottest film talent. Remote Controlled with Debra Birnbaum is also a 45 to 60 minute Podcast focused on the television industry, hosted by Variety contributor, Debra Birnbaum. This show features entertainment professionals like directors, producers, show creators and actors working in television.

The Network Studios provided Variety with an array of services including consulting, Podcast configuration and hosting setup, media distribution submission and follow up, and post production and delivery services.