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Frequently Asked

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in Culver City, California. Our address is 5701 W. Slauson Ave., Suite 200, Culver City CA 90230. 3 blocks east of the 405/90 freeway interchange. 2 miles west on Slauson Avenue and La Cienaga Avenue. Cross street with Slauson Avenue is Buckingham PKWY. We are in a complex comprised of 4 brown look-a-like, 2 story buildings that face Slauson Avenue. We are on the second floor of building 5701. There is an elevator in between the buildings. Free parking and plenty of it.

Q: How many microphones does your studio accommodate?

A: We have 3 rooms that accommodate audio and video recordings. Each room has it own size, look, features, and capacities. Visit our photo gallery to see each of the rooms in more detail. Also, you can visit our services page regarding the capacities of each room. Room #1, named Cashio, is our radio station room, it accommodates up to 4 active microphones. Room #2, named Serrano, accommodates up to 4 microphones. Room #3, named Slauson, accommodates up to 6 microphones.

Q: Can I rent your studio for a Non-Podcast, Non-VODcast or Voice-Over session?

A: Yes. We rent our studio out to whomever needs a professional recording solution. If our equipment meets your needs, we rent you the space. 

Q: Do you provide any discounted plans or packages for those who want to use your studio on a regular basis?

A: Yes. We have several different service offerings that have been design to accommodate the necessary production needs to produce high quality recordings for a very competitive price.

Q: Do you charge for overtime minutes?

A: Yes. We need to know exactly the time you need in studio. We will book accordingly. You are charged for all of the booked time in studio. If you go over the allotted time, and disrupt our schedule, we will assesses a fee of $10 per minute. 

Q: Do you rent your studio to independent film production companies as a filming location?

A: Yes. Although, we require a flat day rate of $1500 with a deposit of $500 and proof of production insurance. The deposit will be returned in total once we confirm that nothing was damaged while in production.

Q: How do you accept payment for services?

A: We accept cash as well as most major credit/debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also take ApplePay and ACH. We use Quickbook for all our business. We DO NOT use Paypal, Venmo, or any other service. 

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