Frequently Asked

Q: Where are you located?

A: For security, we do not publish our location on our website. We only provide our address to those individuals who are really interested in working with us. We are located in the Mid-City, Los Angeles, area of California. Very close to the I-10 freeway.

Q: How many microphones does your studio accommodate?

A: We have 5 broadcast-quality microphones set up at the table with the ability to have 8 microphones. Using 8 microphones at the table means we will lose other peripheral options, which is to be expected. Ask us for more detail if you think you will need an 8-mic set-up.

Q: Can I rent your studio for a Non-Podcast, Non-VODcast or Voice-Over session?

A: Yes. We rent our studio out to whomever needs a professional recording solution. If our equipment meets your needs, we rent you the space. Our standard studio rental rates are found on this page, just below this Q&A section.

Q: Do you provide any discounted plans or packages for those who want to use your studio on a regular basis?

A: Yes. We offer discounted solutions for Voice-Over professionals as well as Podcasting and VODcasting services. You must first fit certain criteria in order to qualify for these services.

Q: Do you charge for overtime minutes?

A: Yes. If your scheduled block of recording time has counted down to zero and you aren’t done with a topic, we provide our clients with an additional 5-minute allotment of time for “FREE” to help cleanly and safely wrap up your recording session. All minutes beyond the free 5-minute period are billed as overtime, by the minute, at $5 per minute. We only allow a maximum of 10 minutes of billed overtime, totaling an additional fee of $50. Once we reach 10 minutes of billed overtime, we will stop the recording, regardless of whether the show has come to a proper end. You will be charged for all overtime minutes at the end of your session.

Q: Do you rent your studio to independent film production companies as a filming location?

A: Yes. Although, we require a flat day rate of $1000 with a deposit of $500 and proof of production insurance. The deposit will be returned in total once we confirm that nothing was damaged while in production.

Q: How do you accept payment for services?

A: We accept most major credit/debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.