We provide an array of  audio/video recording services, including professional VODcasting, Podcasting, and Voice-Over services. We also provide a live streaming broadcast solutions, as well as consulting, websites, graphics, social network services and more.

We offer 4 platform-based services, which include Studio Rental, Serial Podcasting, Serial VODcasting and Voice-over. Below is a quick overview of each of these services.

Studio Accommodations

Our studio was designed to look like a modern day radio station with all the accommodations you would imagine. We have 6 microphones and up to 5 video cameras with a live streaming switcher to broadcast to the Internet.

Studio Rental

Are you looking for a recording studio that accommodates multiple microphones, video cameras and has the capacity to broadcast your content live to Facebook or YouTube?

We rent our studio to individuals, who are looking for a professional recording experience with no long term commitments and no added technical assistance.

Serial VODcasting

We’ve created a turnkey, all inclusive approach to serial VODcasting. We operate a (5) single-shot, close proximity, HD cameras on a Live Stream switching software solution. We can Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, and Ustream.

Serial Podcasting

We’ve created a turnkey, all inclusive approach to serial Podcasting. We help with many aspect of the Podcast production, from configuring your Podcast feed to making sure each episode has been formatted correctly, in order to be deliver to your online listeners responsibly and on time. We handle scheduling the episode for delivery on a on a ongoing basis. The goal being, you arrive, record and we take care of the rest.

Voice-Over Programs

We work with professional voice-over talent who are looking for a convenient solution for studio time.

Other Services

Beyond the recording studio space, we provide an array of multimedia services.