Ep9 – How Janet Zeitoun created iconic hairstyles for music royalty!

Hi, in our 9th episode, Damone Roberts gets right into answering his Dear Damones (2:30) about achieving matte skin without appearing powdery, bringing out the silvery tones in grey hair by controlling the elements, and how to match your perfume with the season. Damone then discusses the 2018 Breaking the Silence Awards and his amazing opportunity to host at the last minute (8:00)! He is then joined by his guest Janet Zeitoun where they discuss how Janet starting cutting her mom’s hair at 12 (19:30), cutting Earth, Wind, and Fire in hair school (23:30), working with Janet Jackson for the first time (29:00), developing the looks for Janet’s music videos (31:00), working with Kevyn Aucoin on the music video Scream with Michael and Janet (35:00), what Michael Jackson would do at Janet’s house (37:00), developing the look for Michael Jackson music videos (38:30), Janet’s inspiration (41:30), her brand new amazing hair product line State of the Art Hair or SOTAH (44:00), the effect of Sotah product use on your hair health and manageability (47:00), and Janet faces the lightning round (51:00)!


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Music by Dgtl Color: https://goo.gl/bXEuvX