Ep11 – Be the Man with a Plan: Dating Advice with Katy Clark

Marcy & AJ welcome match maker & superstar fit mom, Katy Clark. Katy Clark is your go to girl on the balance of strength and femininity. Her goal in life is to show you the ropes on fitness, fashion, and finding love. As a celebrity fitness coach, self-proclaimed ‘Frugal Fashionista’, Dating Coach for Cinqe.com (and single mom of three), Katy knows first hand how to inspire other people to grow their confidence and create their own sexy.

Katy explains the do’s & don’ts of first dates, ways to get a second date and when it’s time to walk away. In a quick 30 minutes, the ladies poke Katy for all sorts of relationship tips and dating tricks and feel this is just scratching the surface of a 100 part series on dating and love. We think you’ll enjoy these practical tips for making a first date count, vetting prospects and taking the lead.

Find Katy online at: https://thekatyclark.com/ and https://www.instagram.com/thekatyclark/
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