Ep5 – How Angela Davis combined spirituality and exercise to become a Celebrity Soul Cycle Instructor and Motivational Speaker

Damone Roberts answers his Dear Damone’s about the best combo moisturizers for skin (2:45), how men can spruce up their face in a masculine way (4:00), and what elderly woman can do to spruce up their beauty routine (6:15), and why Nobu Malibu is #DopeAF (8:00). He is later joined by his guest Angela Davis where they discuss Angela’s spiritual upbringing an athletic family (11:30), what it’s like training for the olympics (16:00), the moment her track career ended (18:00), the importance of raising African American boys in 2018 (24:00), struggling through postpartum depression to find her purpose (30:00), the moment she rediscovered her gift (32:40), her approach to teaching her celebrity laden Soul Cycle spin classes (37:00), whether she ever gets starstruck (39:00), how she came to be a character playing herself in Amy Schumer’s new movie “I Feel Pretty’ (42:00), and Angela faces the lightning round (43:00).


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