Services: Voice-Over

We work with local Los Angeles based professional voice-over talent with auditions, phone patching and other in-studio related services.


$1.50 per minute

We work with professional VO Talent.

Additional Al-La-Carte Services

Additional Services:

  • Editing Services: Audio $1.25 per minute

How we bill?

We bill by the minute with a 30-minute minimum and a TNS Certified Board Operator is included in the fee. We start a virtual time clock at the scheduled session time and run that clock until the end of the session, which includes the processing of the content and making it available for download. A recording session that produces content for 60 minutes, may in fact take a total of 80 minutes to complete the project. We make the content available using Google Drive, which requires that you have a gmail account to share the content. We deliver an invoice via Quickbooks and require payment before we release the content. Once paid, we make the link available.

Product Turnaround

We can have the product turned around and delivered same day.

Cloud Storage

Studio rental content produced in our studio will live in the cloud for 30 days after the recording session and will be deleted, unless the client becomes a Serial Program client.