Services: Media Distribution

You don’t have to use our studio to use our services. Are you looking for someone to help clean up your audio by increasing the volume or gain? Want someone to be there to help you, if anything goes wrong with the delivery of the audio? Need someone to properly compress the audio to the proper bit-rate? We provide Media Distribution services to individuals and business around the country and the world. 

Audio Only

$20 per episode

Additional Al-La-Carte Services

Additional Services:

  • Editing Services: Audio $1.25 per minute

How we bill?

We make the content available using Google Drive, which requires that you have a gmail account to share the content. We deliver an invoice via Quickbooks and bill monthly due upon receiving our invoice.

Product Turnaround

We can have the product turned around and delivered same day, if submitted before 5pm. If submitted after 5pm, it will be completed by 1pm next day.

Cloud Storage

We provide cloud storage for the life of the relationship.