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We specialize in Professional VODcasting, Podcasting and Voice-over.

We provide audio and video recording services to professional and aspiring broadcasters. We operate a full service multimedia recording studio in Los Angeles, California.

Studio Rental

Audio or Video

$1.50 or $3.00
per minute

No other added services included.

Are you looking for a recording studio that accommodates multiple microphones, video cameras and has the capacity to broadcast your content live? If you have a project that requires voice and/or video recording, and all you need is someone with the time, equipment, and expertise, we can help. We bill by the minute with a 30-minute minimum and a board operator is included.



$4.25 – $3.50
per minute

This is an all-inclusive service.

Video is quickly becoming the new standard with many companies focusing energy on video related content. Facebook, YouTube, and others are working on their platforms for live streaming content. We have a live streaming solution that rivals most television stations. We operate up to a 5 HD single-shot camera solution with a live switcher operator.



$2.25 – $1.50
per minute

This is an all-inclusive service.

We’ve been Podcasting professionally since 2012, and in that time we’ve helped produce over 3000 individual episodes. Over time, and with that experience, we’ve developed a turnkey solution that allows the talent and show creators to focus their energy solely on the content, while we take care of all the rest.



per minute

We work with professional VO Talent.

We work with local Los Angeles based professional voice-over talent with auditions, phone patching and other in-studio related services.

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