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Celebrating 8 years of providing specialize services for Professional  Podcasters, VODcasters, and Voice-over talent.

What we do:

We are a full service audio and video recording and production studio, specializing in Podcast, VODcast, and Voice-over. We work with companies large and small, as well as groups and individuals, who are inspired by the business of Podcasting, VODcasting, and Voiceover. We offer a variety of recording studio options. Our services are uniquely  designed to help create a more turnkey approach to new media production. Whether the project is large or small, we can accommodate.

Need To Know:

Do I need to bring an engineer?

There is no need to provide a sound engineer or board operator. We operate our own equipment, which is factored into the cost of service.

Can I bring in my own equipment?

We do not allow the use of outside audio or video recording equipment while in a recording session. Our rooms already accommodate both audio and video recording.

Can I livestream from my mobile device?

We do not allow the use of mobile devices to live stream to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any social platform while in a recording session. We offer a fully produced live streaming service to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream, LiveStream, Twitch, and/or Periscope.

Plan A: Studio Rental

No Long Term Commitment – For Any Audio or Video Recordings

Plan A: Studio Rental is for non-commitment clients. Need a studio for a one-off recording? Are you from out-of-town and looking for a space to record in Los Angeles? Are you looking to create a pilot, demo or are you just interested in the experience of recording yourself? Our “Plan A” program is for those clients that want to simply record and go with their content. No discounted options are available for this plan. You pay for studio time, content processing and all required in-studio resources.

Plan B: Tech Savvy

Serial Clients – For Professional Podcast & VODcast Production

Plan B: Tech Savvy is for clients that wish to get into a serial or ongoing relationship, but are interested in saving money by handling the post production and deploying of the audio or video content. Plan B: Tech Savvy grants you access to our monthly discounted programs and other loyalty programs. Content processing and In-Studio Resources are included in the cost of this plan.

Please give us a call if you are interested in our discounted packages (323) 761-0690.

Plan C: Full Service

Serial Clients – For Professional Podcast & VODcast Production

Plan C: Full Service is for those clients that wish to take the technical out of the equation. This plan provides the client with all of the most important resources for producing a professional Podcast or VODcast. This plan includes a limited amount of editing per episode. It provides mastering, ID3 tagging and encoding as well as legacy file management and cloud storage for the life of the project. Content processing and In-Studio Resources are included with this plan. This plan also is granted access to our discounted and loyalty programs.

Please give us a call if you are interested in our discounted packages (323) 761-0690.

Plan D: Media Distribution

For Out-of-state or Remote Clients

Plan D: Media Distribution is a service we created for out-of-state and remote clients interested in help with their audio only content. We help clients follow through on a regular basis, the process of mastering, ID3 tagging and scheduling the audio content for delivery to the world. This process takes the recorded content and puts it through a TNS process, making sure it sounds good.

Plan E: Voiceover Booth

For Professional Voiceover Artists Only

Professionals only. Plan E: Voiceover Booth is a service meant for professional VO talent providing a corner WhisperRoom booth with a Neumann TLM 103 microphone is our turnkey VO production opportunity great for any professional.

Need help setting up your Podcast feed?

Our “RSS Feed Setup” exclusively uses the service called Liberated Syndication (Libsyn). We configure the RSS Feed and submit the feed to Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, and iHeart.

Other Service Offerings:

Audio Editing

$75 per hour

Video Editing

$100 per hour

Consulting Services

$100 per hour

Our “Add-On Services” are for those clients looking for full service support on editing both audio and video. We also offer consulting services for those looking for more information and advice for starting their own shows.


I co-host a hoops podcast called Open Run — I’m based in NYC and my co-host is out in LA. This past weekend we interviewed a highly anticipated guest in person, so I flew out there. 

But before doing so, I had to find a place to record the episode. So I started searching online and found the Network Studios. I left a voicemail and they got back to me quickly, even going so far as to offer to open up the studio on the weekend in order to help us get it done. When we showed up, we found people as professional, cordial, and efficient as you could hope for. The setup is pro and superbly managed, and looks great. They instantly instilled confidence in me and made the two of us and our guest feel right at ease. 

It was a joy recording there; there wasn’t one second of anxiety — technical or otherwise. It enabled us to focus exclusively on our interview, and we had a blast. Not only that, we were also able to record our very first Open Run video with their  camera setup. 

In short: if you need a place to record a podcast — and maybe some video — in LA, or need help executing stuff remotely, this place is the jam.

Stefan M.
Brooklyn, NY

The Network Studios is top notch!  I have been recording Hollywood Close-Up podcast almost since its inception  over two years ago. The equipment, studio sound and quality are exceptional!!!  Creators Mike Cassentini and ReneMarie  (who is an amazing engineer and VO artist) created an environment that is comfortable and professional.  If you are serious about podcasting this is THE PLACE!

Wayne F.
Burbank, CA

TNS and Mike in particular, was incredibly easy to work with. They were flexible with my schedule and willing to bend over backwards to accommodate a last minute change that was totally out of left field. Mike was as professional as he was friendly – an obvious people person. I am going to continue to try to book with them as much as I can with them in the future!

Faith H.
Los Angeles, CA

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