Media Distribution

We help Podcast and VODcast shows, that DO NOT need a studio to record in, but rather, still need help managing their media for distribution on a monthly basis. We help you setup and configure your shows RSS feed. We help you identify the best hosting company to handle your media content and set it all up for you.

Podcast Hosting

Currently, we only support 2 Podcast Hosting companies.

When you Podcast, you must host your show media like you host your own website. This is a 3rd party service that will cost the podcaster a monthly fee. You must host your media for as long as you wish to have that media available to the public. Free or borderline free services normally do not have the proper and reliable metric data or storage space.

We’ve produced thousands of episodes over the 4 years we’ve been in business. In that time, we’ve learned a lot. We’re aware that there are many companies out there offering the necessary services to Podcasters, like media hosting, RSS feeds and metric data, all included. We found there really is only 2 companies, we feel are worth working with and they are Liberated Syndication and ART19.

Media Distribution

Supported Option

$30 Monthly

We’ve partnered with ART19 to provide our clients with an exclusive platform opportunity. ART19 is a San Francisco based start-up company, specializing in Podcasting services from media hosting and metric data and monetization thru ads. We recommend ART19 to our clients, who are looking to produce a professional Podcast, and who are also looking to monetize their Podcasts. Visit ART19 for more information.

Media Distribution

Supported Option

$20-$75+ Monthly

Liberated Syndication (Libsyn) is a Podcast hosting company, who has been in the business since 2004. They are very reputable and produce the proper metric data for those professionals interested in tracking the performance of their show. Libsyn is a quota/storage based solution. 60-minute shows and under, who produce an episode no more than weekly, can afford the $20 a monthly plan. If you intend on producing a multi-hour shows, multiple times a week, then you may incur a higher rate per month for hosting. Visit for more information.

About The Pricing

We require the client provide us with either the audio or video file 1 full day in advance of the anticipated release day. Once we’ve acquired the episode asset, we then encode the asset to the appropriate format for distribution. Then, we schedule the asset for release and deliver the embed to the client.


$20 per episode

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