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Welcome to The Network Studios. We are a full service audio/video production studio, specializing in Podcasting, VODcasting and Voice Over recording. Our website features an array of content including our suite of services as well as the individuals and companies that use our services.

Recent Episodes

Ep76-Annie-Baria 0

Ep76 – Annie Baria

It’s the someone still hasn’t seen Star Wars and it’s not Wayne episode. Natalie and Wayne welcome special guest actress, writer and blogger Annie Baria (“2 Broke Girls”, Bro, What Happened?) for a lot...

Ep74-Top10-Superheros 0

Ep74 – Top 10 Superheros

Bret gets caught eating cereal and watching superhero movies again. The guys discuss their favorite superheroes and Bret walks us through the real difference between DC and Marvel.

Ep56-Hoop-Dreams-Jonesy 0

Ep56 – Hoop Dreams (1994) – Jonesy

Comic Jonesy joins Dwayne and TK to talk about the movie that showed us that with some scouting and just the right amount of exploitation that dreams can come true. Website: http://jonesy.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/funnyjones...

Random Selection

Ep150-Lewis-Dartnell 0

Ep150 – Lewis Dartnell

The world seems fascinated with the possibility of an apocalypse. Zombies, mutant viruses, a giant meteorite impact, alien invasions…the point is the same. If everything fell apart, how would we cope and would we...

Ep26-Michael-Grant 0

Ep26 – Michael Grant

Wayne and Natalie review their trip on the Red Carpet for the African American Film Critics Association Awards. They have an amazing interview with up and coming star Michael Grant (“The Secret Life of...

Ep34-Jimmy-Shubert 0

Ep34 – Jimmy Shubert

Jimmy Shubert – Natalie and Wayne recap some television finales including “How I Met Your Mother” and “Walking Dead” and chat a little about April Fool’s Day. The Network Studios own, comedian Jimmy Shubert...


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