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Ep50-Jose-Sarduy 0

Ep50 – Jose Sarduy

This week Will welcomes back comedian and Air Force pilot Jose Sarduy, they discuss the recent wave of people being offended. As well as the different ways people are raised. They talk a bit...

Ep7-Autosomal-Amarula 0

Ep7 – Autosomal Amarula

A lawyer, a filmmaker, a host and a comedian serve a cocktail made up of the basic ingredients: Fame, Marriage, Genetics and Hotties. This episode they discuss why everyone wants to be famous; has...

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Ep41-Jonathan-Kite 0

Ep41 – Jonathan Kite

This week Jimmy sits down with comedian and sitcom star from the hit show “2 Broke Girls,” Jonathan Kite. Be sure to rate and comment in iTunes and you can also find us on...

Ep64-Phlip-Quinaz 0

Ep64 – Philip Quinaz

Gobble, Gobble…it’s the Thanksgiving episode! Natalie and Wayne welcome actor/writer/producer Philip Quinaz (Periods, Hollidaysburg) in studio as they talk turkey, pilgrims and pumpkin pie! Featuring Music – KayBe Website: http://periodsfilms.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/PhilipQuinaz

Ep117-Bert-Vaux 0

Ep117 – Bert Vaux

While a Professor at Harvard University, Bert Vaux noticed that within a week students were suppressing their accents in order to blend in on campus. What intrigued Bert was that even though students were...

Ep30-Bill-Devlin 0

Ep30 – Bill Devlin

This week, Will welcomes comedian Bill Devlin, they discuss family members in the military. They also talk a bit about Bill’s experience performing in a maximum security prison. Will talks a bit about the...