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Ep114-Tommy-Sotomayor 0

Ep114 – Tommy Sotomayor

YouTube star Tommy Sotomayor is in the house to help us discuss the difficulties of fatherhood, negotiation of sex and relationships, why men need to have more value, the business of sex and what...

Ep139-Freeway-Rick-Ross 0

Ep139 – Freeway Rick Ross

Freeway Rick Ross came from nothing and started a business that grossed nearly a billion dollars and spanned forty-two cities. The problem is that the business was illegal. After his inability to read cost...

Ep44-Top10-Obscure-80s-Movies 0

Ep44 – Top 10 Obscure 80s Movies

Manny joins us back in studio to discuss obscure 80s movies… this one is a lot of fun! Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Also, you can find the show on Stitcher.

Ep25-Bad-Words-Matt-Kirshen 0

Ep25 – Bad Words (2014), Matt Kirshen

Comic, writer and actor Matt Kirshen joins Dwayne and TK to spell out what we like and don’t like about Jason Bateman’s foul-mouthed directorial debut, “Bad Words.” Follow Matt on Twitter @mattkirshen and find...

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American Pimp's Rosebudd 0

Ep62- American Pimp’s Rosebudd

We got legit pimpin’ as Rosebudd breaks down the similarities of pimping philosophies and everyday living, as well as the importance of building up your confidence to make things happen.

Mike Faverman 0

Ep15 – Mike Faverman

My old friend and Boston funnyman/grill master Mike Faverman drops by Lawhead’s Court and we chat how sports and cooking go hand and hand. Creating more than comedy Mike has positioned himself as a...

Ep21-Jetta-Karpman 0

Ep22 – Jetta Karpman Pt. 2

Back by popular demand, Mediator Jetta Karpman, with shark attacks, “feelings are facts,” and why wearing a thong can mean more than you think! Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Also, you...