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Ep28 – Working Dreams with Jill Eras

This week, Charlene and guest host, Mike Casentini, who’s sitting in for an absent Lawrence Thomas, who’s on vaction, discuss dream work with dream professional, Jill Eras. You can find her online at jilleras.com....

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Ep70 – 54 Years

Lawhead’s Court dedicates this podcast to his parents. Mom and Dad celebrate 54 years of wedding bells and Jason tells ya how they’ve done it and how its shaped him. Be sure to rate...

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Ep117 – Jared Freid

Comedian Jared Freid joins us to discuss being amazing, tinder pic scams, victory through rejections, and which song Dante lost his virginity to. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Also, you can...

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Ep145 – Professor Nye

In a recent survey of internatinal relations scholars, Professor Nye was ranked as the most influential scholar on American foreign policy, and in 2011, Foreign Policy named him one of the top 100 Global...

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Ep28 – Justin Worsham

Kira sits down with comedian and dad, Justin Worsham. A native of Modesto, California, Justin Worsham has been performing comedy in front of live audiences since 1996. In addition to performing in comedy clubs...

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Ep9 – Jill Eras

Today, Jill Eras joins the podcast and we learn a little about dream therapy and why being snake-bit might not be a bad thing. Be sure to rate and comment in iTunes.