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Ep21-Steve-Byrne-Sr 0

Ep21 – Steve Byrne, Sr.

This week, Will has a very special guest, Army Veteran, and his father, Steve Byrne Sr. They talk about joining the Army, and the differences from serving in the 70’s and serving today. Messing...

Ep39-Halloween-Nick-Cobb 0

Ep39 – Halloween (1978), Nick Cobb

Comic, writer, and actor Nick Cobb joins Dwayne and TK to talk about the best of all the killing holidays, “Halloween.” Follow Nick on Twitter @nmcobbler and check out where you can see him...

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Claude Shires 0

Ep12 – Claude Shires

Jimmy opens the show with a story from his recent trip to Las Vegas to perform at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club. He sits down with good friend, comedian and the founder of TubeStart, Claude...

Eleanor-Kerrigan 0

Ep19 – Eleanor Kerrigan

Jimmy sits down with good friend and comedian, Eleanor Kerrigan. She’s an actress, known for The Melt (2012), Andrew Dice Clay: Indestructible (2012) and WOW Unleashed (2001). Also, jimmy gets a call from his...