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We specialize in Podcasting, VODcasting and Voice-over services.

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These are shows owned and produced by The Network Studios.

Our Services

We have a variety of specialized services relating to audio and video production.

Studio Rental

Rent our studio by the minute. We have a multi-microphone, multi-track digital mixer, cutting edge software, High definition video cameras and more…


We offer a unique suite of services for Podcasting, which can make producing a show very turnkey.


We provide a unique suite of services for VODcasting, which includes up to 6 high definition cameras.


If you are a Voice-Over actor needing to record line copy in a professional studio, we offer a special “Actor rate” that won’t break your bank.

Time Extensions

We created a way to pay for extending your shows run-time and/or studio rental time when it is required to do so.

Post Production

Need help with editing your audio or video? We can help. Post Production services is include with Podcasting (Audio) only.

Media Distribution

Need assistance managing and scheduling your Podcast or VODcast episode content? Just send it to us and we take care of the rest.

Web Publishing

We manage the process of scheduling episode content on individual show websites. All we need is the access and then we do the rest.

Website Design

We have affordable solutions for individuals and businesses. We specialize in WordPress and have created some all-included custom configurations.

Graphic Design

We can help you create marketing materials for your show or projects. Web and Print.


We have several affordable social marketing programs to choose from. These programs are organic in nature with the focus on real engagement.


We consult with individuals and businesses on strategies relating to Podcast or VODcast show development as well as how to market there shows to the public.

Featured Video

Ep100 - What did Stacy Dash Say? with Aaron Burleson, Justin Wade and Alexander "Skinny" Assefa

This is the 100th episode of Black & White With You & Me. Over the past year, Mike Casentini, Pedro Hernandez aka Black Pedro and Rena-Marie Villano have been producing an hour-long show that has gone from once a week to now 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday. As we grow, we continue to provide new ways to access our content. Now, we are making video available and we promise to continue to improve the overall production of the show. In this episode, we invite some of our returning guests, who are also our good friends, to celebrate our 100th episode and to discuss the Oscars and Fox contributor, Stacy Dash’s recent comments pertaining to Jada Pickett Smith’s comments and the push to boycott the Oscars.

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The Founders

The Network Studios is a new media start-up company based in Los Angeles.


Mike Casentini

CEO, WebDev, Post Production


Rena-Marie Villano

Studio Manager, Engineering, Scheduling

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