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Ep119-Rich-Aronovitch 0

Ep119 – Rich Aronovitch

Comedian Rich Aronovitch helps us explore how to break up with a chick, when not to show your hand, if a woman is your sidekick, and online dating. Be sure to rate and comment...

Ep49-Top10-Songs-Clip-To 0

Ep49 – Top 10 Songs to Clip To

Comedian Carlos Rodriguez is back in the studio to break down the top songs to listen to when gettin’ down and makin’ sweet love to your lady. Be sure to rate and comment on...

Ep13-Valerie-Azlynn 0

Ep13 – Valerie Azlynn

This week, Will talks to actress Valerie Azlynn from Sullivan & Son, The Big Bang Theory, and Castle. They discuss growing up near military bases, and fleet week. The subject of surgeries and the...

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new-years-eve-2014 0

Ep39 – Auld Lang Syne

Lawhead’s Court looks back a on year with grateful results and looks forward to 2014. Jason and Rena share New year’s Eves spent from the past and look forward to this years at the...

Ep43-John-Heffron 0

Ep43 – John Heffron

This week Jimmy sits down with comedian and Last Comic Standing winner, John Heffron. Be sure to rate and comment in iTunes and you can also find us on Stitcher.

Dante Nero 0

Ep4 – Dante Nero

Mara Marek takes the Emotional Junkyard Show solo with her first guest, comedian and host of his very own podcast, “The Beige Phillip Show,” Dante Nero. They discuss Mara’s most recent comedy showcase, the...

maronzio vance 0

Ep15 – Maronzio Vance

Kira sits down with comedian, actor, and father, Maronzio Vance, from “Last Comic Standing” and “Comedy Central.” They discuss everything, comedy, parenting and more. Be sure to Rate and Comment on iTunes. Enjoy.