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Ep41-Amber-Brashear 0

Ep41 – Amber Brashear

This week, Will welcomes comedian Amber Brashear, she talks about how she tried to join the military. They discuss a crazy situation she had while living overseas. And as always Will and Scott provide...

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Ep122-John-Durant 0

Ep122 – John Durant

John Durant is the author of The Paleo Manifesto and that is exactly what it is. Far from being just another book about the Paleo Diet, John lies out for us why paleo makes...

Ep23-Aliens 0

Ep23 – Aliens?

This week Conor talks about his views on extraterrestrials and how they coincide with those of President Clinton. Be sure to rate and comment in iTunes.

Michael Callen 0

Ep10 – Michael Callen

Featuring the man that shaped me, my father, Michael Callen. In this podcast, MICHAEL CALLEN, talks about why he is a libertarian and how the biggest threat to our country is the “growth of...

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