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Ep27-Johnny-Cardinale 0

Ep27 – Johnny Cardinale

This week, Will welcomes in comedian Johnny Cardinale. They discuss getting into doing USO as a comedian, and different places traveled during the tours. Johnny tells about interesting things that the comics get to...

Ep37-Kat-Brooks 0

Ep37 – Kat Brooks

In today’s episode, Tracy is unfortunately absent due to work. Filling her shoes today is engineer extraordinaire and voice over talent, RenaMarie Villano. They take a call with American writer and director, Kat Brooks....

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Ep6-Patty Jenkins 0

Ep6 – Patty Jenkins

Featuring Director of “Monster,” Patty Jenkins. A director with a remarkable grasp of characterization and emotional depth, Patty Jenkins stunned audiences in 2003 with her powerful debut feature, Monster. Based on the life of...

Ep5-Adam-Gropman 0

Ep5 – Adam Gropman

What is it like to get married on the Grammy Awards by Queen Latifah, with Madonna as your Maid of Honor,and Paul McCartney as witness? We find out when writer and comedian Adam Gropman...

cleveland indians 0

Ep27 – LIVE from CLEVELAND!!

Lawhead’s Court calls an audible and decides to jump on a bus from Chicago to Cleveland after doing shows with Bill Burr at the Chicago Theater rather than fly back to LA. An excited...