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Welcome to The Network Studios. We are a full service audio/video production studio, specializing in Podcasting, VODcasting and Voice Over recording. Our website features an array of content including our suite of services as well as the individuals and companies that use our services.

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Ep71-Justin-Howard 0

Ep71 – Justin Howard

Halfway through awards season, Natalie and Wayne recap the SAG Awards. Co-creator, executive producer and host of “America’s It Girl,” Justin Howard (hot off his trip from Sundance) joins them for an in-depth take...

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Ep101-Andrew-Lih 0

Ep101 – Andrew Lih

Perhaps nothing demonstrates the power of the internet and thereby the power of a democratic approach to problem solving like Wikipedia. In The Wikipedia Revolution: How a Bunch of Nobodies Created The World’s Greatest...

Ep44-Dustin-Hahn 0

Ep44 – Dustin Hahn

Natalie and Wayne recap the Tony Awards and discuss some challenges actors take in Television roles. Winner of the 2014 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival Best Comedy Shortie-Short Award Dustin Hahn joins them in...

Ep84-Ian-Harris 0

Ep84 – Ian Harris

You won’t believe who’s back! Are you a doubter that Kira would have a return guest? Don’t be such a skeptic, much like one of our favorite comedy dads. Ian Harris sits down again...


We offer a variety of professional recording studio and production services. Our studio specializes in new media, including Podcasts, VODcasts, and Voice Over recording services. Our services include Consulting, Production, and Distribution