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Ep79-Joshua-Chang 0

Ep79 – Joshua Chang

Wayne had a wet and wild time on his Ray-Ban shoot. Natalie and Wayne are joined by Keep it Real Acting’s Student Spotlight of the Month Joshua Chang (“Silicon Valley,” True Detective) as they...

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Ep171-Werner-Sollors 0

Ep171 – Werner Sollors

In the wake of World War II, as the world discovered the full extent of the atrocities committed by the NAZIs, the German people struggled to make sense of their place in the world....

Ep4-Tim-Wrobel-Ryan-Dalton 0

Ep4 – Tim Wrobel & Ryan Dalton

Will talks to veteran Tim Wrobel (military intelligence), and comedian Ryan Dalton about going overseas, pranks in the military, and ways to find support. Differences between being in the military and being a civilian....

Sam Sheridan 0

Ep31 – Sam Sheridan

Featuring Sam Sheridan, author of “A Fighter’s Heart,” “A Fighter’s Mind,” and most recently “The Disaster Diaries.” They discuss a variety of different ways you can prepare yourself for a disaster as well as...

Ep37-Jon-Stites 0

Ep37 – Jon Stites

Will welcomes back Army veteran and comedian Jon Stites. They discuss his upcoming show at the Hollywood Improv Mar. 19th at 10 pm through Operation Comedy. They also talk about the realization of the...

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