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Ep74-Jay-Larson 0

Ep80 – Jay Larson

You think you know Jay Larson? You have no idea. Don’t let the wicked smaht Boston accent fool you… this new dad will wow audiences with his wacky tales… and then turn around and...

Ep2-Renting-Women 0

Ep2 – Renting Women

Do men really want all that women are, or would they be okay just buyin’ the full-on do-whatever-I-want sex antics? Should women be able to sell whatever they want, however they want? Websites and...

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Ep65-Cisco 0

Ep65 – Cisco

This week, Kira sits down with comedian and daddy of 2, Cisco. Cisco is an American comedian made with Mexican parts. He has been referred to as “edgy”, “real” and a “must see” performer...

Ep13-Macys-Parade 0

Ep13 – Thanksgiving

In this episode, Brett and Pete talk about their respective Thanksgiving traditions, the Macy’s Day Parade, San Francisco helping to fulfill a child’s dying wish, and things they are thankful for.

mike-catherwood 0

Ep19 – Mike Catherwood

Featuring Radio and television personality Mike Catherwood of Lovelines with Dr. Drew and Simone Bienne. He’s one of the most beloved names in Los Angeles’ top rated radio market. Known to listeners as Psycho...

Ep46-Bobby-Slayton 0

Ep46 – Bobby Slayton

Kira sit down with the Pitbull of Comedy, a Hall of Fame comedian, and father, which I’m sure he hates, Bobby Slayton. It’s Bobby Slayton do you need anything else? Be sure to rate...