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Ep66-Get-That-Man-a-Cigar 0

Ep66 – Get That Man a Cigar!

In this episode, Jason discusses the MH-17 airplane being shot out of the sky, the Russians and staying in a healthy place, eating right, no drinking and living life well. Be sure to rate...

Ep24-Shannon-Gettins 0

Ep24 – Shannon Gettins

Today, Charlene and Lawrence talk to Comedian and Comedy Coach Shannon Gettins about finding love at 40 and “protecting your happiness!” Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Also, you can find the...

Ep49-OldeMoneyBoyz 0

Ep49 – Olde Money Boyz

Natalie misses Wayne this week and talks with RenaMarie about self-taped auditions. Olde Money Boyz, Stephen Cedars, Benji Kleiman and Scott Yacyshyn join Natalie in the studio to chat about their live improv shows,...

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Ep9-Maria-Kang 0

Ep9 – Women Get a Grip

In this episode, Bret and Pete recap last weeks episode relating to the NFL and concussions. They also discuss other personal injuries. Bret talks about Maria Kang, who’s a mother of 3 and a...

Ep101-Yannis-Pappas 0

Ep101 – Yannis Pappas

From Comedy Central, Fusion, and Mauricia Yannis Pappas tells us the story of how he was down and out when Dante picked him back up. We also go over getting through a break up,...