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Ep5-F--k-or-Make-Love 0

Ep5 – F**k or Make Love

In this episode, Clint tells Malik, O’Neal and special guest Spoken Reasons, AJ and DJ Denna that he prefers to make love vs. just f**king. They explain that maybe him doing that is why...

Ep78-The-Princess-Bride-Ken-Garr 0

Ep78 – The Princess Bride (1987) – Ken Garr

Comedian Ken Garr joins Dwayne and TK to talk about the movie that taught us all about true love and sword fighting, “The Princess Bride.” Featured Link #1: http://dvd.netflix.com/Movie/The-Princess-Bride/60000361 Featured Link #2: http://www.amazon.com/The-Princess-Bride-Cary-Elwes/dp/B000VEPL2M Featured...

Ep54-Lang-Parker 0

Ep54 – Lang Parker

This week Will welcomes actor/comedian Lang Parker. Lang tells us about a few of the organizations she’s involved with to help the veterans, The Jimmy Miller Foundation, and The Gallant Few. She also tells...

Ep64-Summertime 0

Ep64 – Summertime

This is our last episode before we take a summer break. We’ll be back in September with a tan and a good attitude…and hopefully some fun stories to share with all of you. In...

Ep4-Meek-Mills-Vs-Drake 0

Ep4 – Meek Mills Vs. Drake

In episode 4, Clint Coley passionately stands by his home state Philly, as he Malik S., O’Neal and special guest Spoken Reasons discuss their views on the Meek Mills, Drake beef. Featured Link #1:...

Ep11-Screaming-Eagle 0

Ep11 – Screaming Eagle

A lawyer, a host and a comedian call a different play this week and make a drink that’s two parts politics, one part justice and one part football. This episode they discuss the significance...

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Jay Mohr 0

Ep12 – Jay Mohr

Featuring comedian, actor, radio host and best selling author, Jay Mohr. We discuss a variety of topics including entertainment industry, stand-up comedy, politics, books and music. Music includes John Coltrane (Favorite Things), Bruce Springsteen...

Ep38-Kris-Rubio 0

Ep38 – Kris Rubio

This week, Will welcomes comedian Kris Rubio. They discuss him being in Manilla, and transitioning to the States. How he got into comedy, and antics growing up. As well as the perils of pet...