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Ep16-Too-Street-Martini 0

Ep16 – Too Street Martini

A lawyer, a host, and a comedian are bewildered because sometimes “The Word is Not Enough,” but it’s all that they have. This episode they discuss the MTV VMA Shenanigans; whether the Bond Author’s...

Ep100-Celebration 0

Ep100 – Celebration

Natalie and Wayne celebrate 100 episodes. During this very special show, you are going to find out what makes these two do what these two do. They reflect on some of the funniest and...

Ep58-Adam-Richmond 0

Ep58 – Adam Richmond

This week Will welcomes back comedian Adam Richmond, Adam tells us about his upcoming project for the Marines Comedy From the Corps. They discuss the obstacles he’s facing trying to get this project going,...

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Ep76-Annie-Baria 0

Ep76 – Annie Baria

It’s the someone still hasn’t seen Star Wars and it’s not Wayne episode. Natalie and Wayne welcome special guest actress, writer and blogger Annie Baria (“2 Broke Girls”, Bro, What Happened?) for a lot...

Ep165-Matthew-E-May 0

Ep165 – Matthew E May

Matthew E. May spent over eight years as a close advisor to Toyota. During that time he developed an appreciation for the power of elegance. As he explains in this interview, all too often...

Ep44-Jon-Reep 0

Ep44 – Jon Reep

This week Jimmy sits down with comedian and Last Comic Standing winner, Jon Reep. Be sure to rate and comment in iTunes and you can also find us on Stitcher.

Bonnie Gillespie 0

Ep1 – Bonnie Gillespie

Wayne and Natalie discuss the “waiting game” in life and the entertainment business. They chat with special guest, casting director and author of Self-Management for Actors, Bonnie Gillespie about booking the room, accepting what...

Ep66-Angelique-Bates 0

Ep66 – Angelique Bates

Natalie and Wayne recap their experience on The Movie Guys Showcast. It’s “All About the Bates” on this episode as actress and singer Angelique Bates joins them to chat about celebrity paintball for charity...

Ep62-Bret Ernst 0

Ep62 – Bret Ernst

Bryan sits down with good friend and comedian, Bret Ernst. They discuss comedy, acting, entertainment, sports and Bret marriage plans. This is our first installment of comedy Thursdays. Be sure to check us out...

Ep25-Cort-McCown 0

Ep25 – Cort McCown

Jimmy sits down with good friend and comedian and the host of his own weekly podcast called, “Insensitivity Training, Cort McCown. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Cort McCown is an American...