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Ep42-Interstellar-David-Kau 0

Ep42 – Interstellar (2014), David Kau

Comic, writer, and actor David Kau joins Dwayne and TK to talk about the movie that changes everything you thought about space but nothing you thought about Matthew McConaughey, Interstellar. Follow David on Twitter...

Ep24-Dan-Lauria 0

Ep24 – Dan Lauria

This week, Will welcomes Marine veteran and actor Dan Lauria. They discuss reasons for joining the military, and the differences of how things operated during the Vietnam war and today. They also discuss Feed...

Ep172-Paul-Kindstedt 0

Ep172 – Paul Kindstedt

During a cheese tasting class at Murray’s, Hunter heard the teacher say that “Cheese and Culture” was the best book on cheese in the world. Instantly, we knew we had to get its author...

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Ep120-Asa-Akira 0

Ep120 – Asa Akira

Bryan sits down with pornstar and author of “Insatiable: Porn – A Love Story,” Asa Akira. She’s been in the porn industry for several years and and has been cleaning house at the Adult...

Sam Sheridan 0

Ep31 – Sam Sheridan

Featuring Sam Sheridan, author of “A Fighter’s Heart,” “A Fighter’s Mind,” and most recently “The Disaster Diaries.” They discuss a variety of different ways you can prepare yourself for a disaster as well as...