Mixed Mental Arts


As the sons of two Citibankers, Bryan and Hunter grew up all over the world. Moving between countries like Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Lebanon, Greece, Brazil and India before settling down in the US made it very clear to both of them that different cultures believe totally different things and yet each of them thinks they see the world as it truly is. While each culture they encountered found their own worldview satisfying, moving between different cultures left Hunter and Bryan dissatisfied with all of them and so, for their whole lives, they’ve been on a search for a worldview that was grounded in our shared humanity but that made sense of our cultural differences. After hundreds of interviews with many of the world’s leading academics, they’re piecing it all together into the most comprehensive worldview possible which they call Mixed Mental Arts.

Contributors: Bryan Callen, Hunter Maats

Category: Education & Learning

Run-time: 60-minutes

Parental Advisory: Explict

Releases: Tuesday 8am (EST)

Show Type: Podcast

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