Hollywood Late Night with Rocco

Hollywood Late Night with Rocco

“HOLLYWOOD LATE NIGHT WITH ROCCO” is fun and exhilarating as soon as Rocco and Moonlight Mike hit the sound waves. This IMPROVISED; SKETCH (can we call it that?) late night talk show will keep you on the edge of your seat, anticipating Rocco’s next move, or maybe even a RING OF THE DOORBELL. Rocco always has a SPECIAL GUEST, Comedians, Sports Figures, and Celebrities, in addition to other interesting characters that might stop by The Network Studios. News, Sports, Entertainment, Pop Culture, HLNWR has it all! Also, you can log onto www.latenightwithrocco.com to WATCH and CHAT with Rocco and Moonlight Mike, “LIVE” …we encourage it! You’ll enjoy segments such as, “Make it, Or Break it”, “Craigslist Catch of the Day”, “What Stars are Thinking”, or SPECIAL guest appearances by Aggro Joe, Vinnie Fixerelli, Rocco’s Trainer, Rocco’s Therapist, or one of the many FUNNY characters that live in Rocco’s World!

Contributors: Rob Marrocco

Category: Comedy

Run-time: 30-minutes

Parental Advisory: Explicit

Releases: Wednesday 4am (EST)

Show Type: Podcast

Website: Not Available

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