Studio Accommodations

Our recording studio accommodates a variety of different recording options, including Audio and Video capture services, Phone Patch, and a ISDN connection.

Studio Gear

The recording studio is equipped with an array of professional recording and broadcast devices, including a multi-channel digital mixer and 6 broadcast quality microphones with accompanied headphones. We have multimedia capabilities, including touch-screen audio-drops, YouTube and Web. The studio also accommodates for plugable media including laptops and tablets.

6 Dynamic Microphones
Telos Zephr Xstream
ISDN Connection
Digital 16 Track Mixer
Pro Tools 11
Logic Pro X
Multiple Apple Computers
Touchscreen Peripherials
5 HD Single-Shot Cameras
Live Streaming Broadcast Switcher

About The Space

Our broadcast studio space is a 14-foot by 12-foot environment with a custom built u-shaped table that accommodates a built-in  engineering station. The table sit at 42 inches off the floor and features leather bar stool seating.

We also have a fully custom voice-over booth. The dimensions are 3 feet by 6.5 feet.

Frequently Asked

Q: What’s the difference between Studio Rental and your Podcast/VODcast programs?

A: Studio rental clients do not get any of the benefits that are bundled into the Podcast/VODcast Program.

Q: Does your system allow for phone call ins?

A: Yes. Currently, we can handle (2) phone callers at the same time.

Q: Can I plug in my computer and play audio or videos from it?

A: Yes. We can plug in laptops, tablets and mobile phones using an audio input. All audio will be sent through the board and recorded. For video projects, we would have to do things a little differently, but 3rd party video can be featured.

Q: Do you rent your studio for other types of production, like TV and Web Series film production?

A: Yes. We are available to rent out our studio. Give us a call to discuss.

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