Ep16 – Combating Negative Self-Talk with Alexa Curtis, Founder MINT, Life Unfiltered

1) Practice recognizing negative self-talk in the moment, so you can make a positive mental change.

2) Focus on creating the life you want vs. competing with others.

3)​ ​Turn to friends, family or anyone who lifts you up when feeling down instead of turning to social media.

4) Tailor your social media feeds toward positivity, follow people that make you feel good not people who fuel negative self-talk and self-consciousness.

A​BOUT: Alexa Curtis
​​Alexa Curtis is the f​ounder​ of​ ​A Life in the Fashion Lane & This is Life Unfiltered (Podcast)​.​ Alexa combatted bullying at a young age and now has a non-profit: MINT ​(Media Impact and Navigation for Teens) ​which talks about the impact of social media on teen​’​s mental health. www.alifeinthefashionlane.com​