Ep7 – Holding the Line VS Coming out with Trevor Stiles

@lagoalkeepingacademy @aviatasports for q’s ! In this episode Trevor and Michael discuss the art of “holding the line” vs “coming out” on a flighted ball or driven ground ball. The two open up on why youth keepers are so afraid to stay on their line and prep for a reaction save; when it’s better to hold; and how we can help youth keepers understand proper decision making.

Next they talk about Trevor’s playing career; and his transition into starting Aviata. Why he loves gloves, and the future of the company.

Next they get into the week in goalkeeping; discussing the two big derby’s in Europe over the weekend (Manchester and Madrid) and why De Gea and Oblak are at the top of their game.

They venture across the pond to geek out on Tim Melia’s record setting performance against LA Galaxy; and Alex Bono’s incredible performance for Toronto in CCL against Club America at Azteca

They finish the show discussing why Karius should have let his CB’s clear the ball he punched into the ground; and his future with Liverpool.