Ep50 – Spreading Social Change through Sport. The CAC mission.

In this episode Dinah and Michael are joined by Brian Suskiewicz (Chief Executive Strategist of Coaches Across Continents) ; to discuss the CAC misson and how youth coaches are making social change and empowering the lives of many through sport.

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Beyond Sport
Clinton Foundation
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Guest Information

GUEST NAME: Brian Suskiewicz


Boston College, 1998 & 2000. Masters in Education. Men’s Soccer 1994-1998
2000 – Washington & Lee (d3) asst coach (league champions)
2001-2003 – Bucknell University asst coach (2003 league champions)
2004-2008 – Hofstra University, Associate Head Coach (2004,05,06 league champions)
2009-2012 – University of Hawaii Hilo men’s and women’s asst
2010-present, Coaches Across Continents, currently Chief Executive Strategist

Guest Links

WEBSITE: www.coachesacrosscontinents.org
TWITTER: @CoachesAcross
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/coachesacrosscontinents
INSTAGRAM: coachesacrosscontinents
YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/coachesacrosscontinents

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